About Dan Kellmer

Patriot and I.jpg

When I turned 5 years old, two life changing things happened:

I was given my first pet, a guinea pig who I aptly named Porky (what can I say, I loved Looney Tunes), and I started art classes; learning how to draw with charcoal and pastels. As I grew older, I transitioned to painting, and had the privilege and responsibility of owning several pets, including my awesome, loving, slightly snobbish because of her looks, wonderful dog Patriot (photo of us above) who I raised as a puppy and was my closest companion for 9 years. Today, in addition to my other artwork, I’m painting portraits of people’s pets. I know, that's a tongue twister. 

Real quick: In 1996 I earned my B.S.C. at University of Miami where I majored in both fine art and film production.  In 2012 I chose to listen to my heart and took a leap of faith to pursue acting. I was accepted at the Actors Studio Drama School at Pace University and earned my MFA three life changing years later.  Along with my developing an exciting career as an actor of stage, film, and voice over in NYC, I have gained great satisfaction doing commissioned work of our beloved and trusty four legged friends.  Painting, in short, centers me and provides balance to an unpredictable and frenetic life of acting. 

You should know, my goal with the work is not just to paint a "nice" painting of the animal.  I spend hours going through photos to hone in on the right moment when they have either connected with you through the lens, or you captured the expression that you've always loved about their personality.    For these purposes, the closer up the shot the better, in natural light, and with a good digital camera because details do matter in your animal's uniqueness.  I'll be happy to discuss composing the shot with you at greater length, or see what we can arrive at should your pet sadly no longer be here.  I mention close up shots because one of the unique pleasures we have as loving pet owners is our ability to get in close to their faces.  And hey, if your best pal's breath wasn't too terrible and you got a sneak-attack lick, it was a win-win, right?  It is this bond and love I want to interpret and capture for you to have for a lifetime.  Also, a percentage of the sale will go to the ASPCA to help abused and neglected animals because, well, that's obvious.

Please click on the "Contact Me" page to GET STARTED WITH YOUR CUSTOM PAINTED PET PORTRAIT!  I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for considering me for something so special. I know you will always be glad you did this for either for yourself, a loved one, and of course, the best friend a person could ask for.